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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The Word Magazine: November Now Hear This CD

The November issue of The Word includes an article on "why it's OK to be rock snobs!" I'm not fond of musical snobbery, but maybe it's a sarcastic article. I am sometimes fond of sarcasm! The mag. also takes on the exciting, fresh topic of "music that only men - or women - like". I can't wait to find out what music I like and dislike based on my gender! Hmm, this blog probably really has an overwhelmingly female readership. In recognition of that likelihood, expect a lot more "chitchat" on topics like how difficult it is to find just the right shade of red lipstick and about how men just don't "get it".

I believe the red lipstick thing has to do with undertones (and not The Undertones, who John Peel loved, so I guess women might not).

As usual The Word includes a free Now Hear This! CD. It's pretty good, but some of it seems kinda like chick music.

The Word: Now Hear This! Track Listing:

1. Babybird - Dive (available on Between My Ears There's Nothing But Music)
2. Regina Spektor - On the Radio (available on Begin to Hope)
3. Robyn Hitchcock & The Venus 3 - Underground Sun (available on Olé! Tarantula)
4. Cheb I Sabbah - Toura Toura (The Medina Mix)
5. The Be Good Tanyas - For the Turnstiles
6. Tim Finn - Astounding Moon (available on Imaginary Kingdom)
7. Angus & Julia Stone - Private Lawns
8. Konono NÂș1 - Paradiso
9. The Ben Taylor Band - Think a Man Would Know
10. Dan Reeder - Food & Pussy
11. Old Crow Medicine Show - My Good Gal
12. Tobias Froberg - God's Highway
13. Hellwood - A Man Loves His Wife
14. James Yorkston - The Year of The Leopard
15. Leadbelly - Blood Done Signed My Name


Blogger xolondon said...

"Food And Pussy" is a good song title. And then there's the suck and swallow chorus of the Baby's song. Now, Tim Finn, what do you think. A solid effort for him, but am not sure about his voice on it.

3:04 PM  
Blogger trill42 said...

You're welcome. :)

The title's okay, but the song's few, boring lyrics are repeated in such an enthusiasm-free monotone, I'm not convinced Reeder likes either food or sex. It sounds more like he's exhausted or hung-over, or both.

I adore Tim Finn. I do agree that his voice sounds a little less-than-optimal on some of the song, but I think it sounds really good on other parts of it... That makes me wonder whether his voice has declined, and the audio sweetening on this track is just uneven. (I don't remember thinking his voice has worsened before, but I might have blocked such a memory.)

I think other tracks on Imaginary Kingdom are better, like Resting (Your Hand Lightly).

3:26 PM  
Blogger xolondon said...

I saw him twice in early 05 and he sounded just fine live.

I will investigate the CD more.

and yes, some parts of the song are fine. It's just a certain really strained quality early in the song. He might have benefited from a wee bit of reverb on his voice

3:55 PM  

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