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Friday, November 03, 2006

Newesque YouTube Channel/CD Covers Battle

Eagle-eyed readers may have noticed that the YouTube link on this site recently changed to link to my YouTube channel. The assorted playlists will serve all sorts of worthy functions. Sure, there's the Kofi's hat playlist, which contains the videos posted here at the hat.

Other playlists, and my video log might help future generations of geneticists, sociologists, and possibly "humorologists" study my sense of humor and taste in music so that it may better be replicated, or, possibly, quite the opposite if the future goes horribly awry.

Those who read that "humorologist" bit deserve some good music. Those who skipped to the MP3s likely read the word "newesque", and let's face facts, it just isn't a word.

You were going to find out sooner or later, and better you should find out here than on the streets.

(All are YSI links)

Camera Obscura - Shine Like A New Pin (available on Biggest Bluest Hi-Fi)

Albert Hammond Jr. - Bright Young Thing (available on Yours To Keep)

God Lives Underwater - Rearrange (available on Life in the So-Called Space Age)

Sloan - Coax Me (Live) (available on 4 Nights At The Palais Royale)

And it wouldn't be right to not post a new video as well...

Be advised that the following video is exceedingly fake-violent but it's also very clever and creative. It pitches the CD covers at war with each-other:


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