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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Four Swell Songs

One foreign language song, one 1980s song (the others are from this year), one alt-country song, and one instrumental song. And not in that order, just to confuse you. Hah!

Cracker - Fluffy Lucy (from Greenland) Moody, gentle, musing, alt-country.

OMD - Radio Waves (from Dazzle Ships, from 1983) The music bursts with synthpop joy and life. The lyrics present radio as a way people can connect with others from far-off places, regardless of the isolationist views of political leaders on either side of those radio waves. The song's messages will always be relevant. While the lyrics may be viewed as anti-establishment, the song is fun and doesn't feel heavy-handed, as many political songs do.

Prototypes - Gentleman (from Prototypes) Fun French dance/synthpop.

Liars - It's All Blooming Now Mt. Heart Attack (from Drum's Not Dead) Beautiful yet foreboding. Neither quiet nor noisy, gentle nor harsh. I just love it.

When I saw that Liars' Julian Gross made a video for this clip (included on the DVD that comes with the deluxe edition of Drum's Not Dead), I was concerned about whether I'd like it. I really like the song. Fortunately, it's both weird and nifty. The very end is cut off, possibly because of how it blends into the next video.


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