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Monday, December 04, 2006

Muse Announces Wembley Show, Shocks No One

Surprising no one, Muse today announced a June 16 Wembley Stadium concert.

The band recently played three nights at Wembley Arena. The announcement of their new gig was anticipated, and then it was leaked as confirmed before the band confirmed it. It was pre-confirmed.

The Stadium is still undergoing renovations, though "good progress is being made" according to its Chief Executive who has no reason to put a positive spin on events at the Stadium... okay, maybe he does. But Muse's Matt Bellamy presumably trusts him, and he's a big-time conspiracy theorist.

Tickets for the big show go on sale this Saturday, December 9 at 9:00 AM. Reportedly, 75,000 tickets will "be made available", though that could mean that's the number being printed.

Muse - Overdue (available on Showbiz)


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