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Friday, December 22, 2006

Kate Bush Christmas Special

Via Saturday's Guardian (it's from the future!), videos from a 1979 Kate Bush Christmas special (but it's really from the past!).

As the program opens, Bush is clad in red satin pajamas. She sings as she moves around on an armchair in a manner that doesn't immediately bring the word "Christmas" to mind. She later duets with Peter Gabriel on a very non-merry "Another Day" as they sit across a pretend breakfast table, faking misery. A "painting" on the wall between them projects images of each of them in turn, Gabriel with his head in his hands, etc. It's an intriguing choice for a holiday special!

In the second clip, Bush sings "Violin" in between two people, each dressed as a giant violin, and... well, you begin to get the idea.

I wonder why cool alt-music people rarely have Christmas specials these days.

Part one:

Part two (with "Violin", "Symphony in Blue", and "The Ran Tan Waltz"):

The kind You Tube user who posted these clips says she hopes to post more from the special soon. Yes, there's more.


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