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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Coldplay Don Victorian Garb, Dance For Christmas Message/Peter, Bjorn, And John/Kweller/Gomez

Coldplay wear Victorian outfits (they warn that "fancy dress and fake facial are involved") for a new online Christmas message in which they dance enthusiastically to a synth-heavy mix of their songs. The guys also play along (or at least to pretend to) in a performance segment.

"The Coldplay Christmas Party" took place in December 1906, in Olde London Town, and ends with Chris Martin predicting "railways will be big in the future."


In other news...

Peter, Bjorn and John are headed to New York for two shows in January at the Mercury Lounge. Their concerts are January 29 and 30, at 10:00 both nights. Tickets are $15, and they're on sale now.

Ben Kweller and Gomez have announced a co-headlining tour, which begins February 15th in Seattle. Kweller will open; both he and Gomez will play full sets. However, Kweller isn't performing on all the dates. Kweller has also announced a pair of April shows in Japan.

Peter, Bjorn And John - Objects of My Affection (available on Writer's Block) *edited to note that the Peter, Bjorn and John track name has been fixed*

Gomez - Meet Me In the City (available on Split The Difference)


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