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Thursday, December 21, 2006

New Aqualung Album Out In March/Year-End Lists Out Before Then

Aqualung's next album, Memory Man, will arrive Stateside March 6, preceded by the first single, "Pressure Suit", "which will be hitting the airwaves in America very soon," according to Matt Hales.

The Blue Nile's Paul Buchanan added guest vocals to "Garden Of Love". Two tracks were written by brothers Matt and Ben Hales with Matt's wife, Kim Oliver. Three others were written by Matt and Kim, and one was written by Matt and Ben. The brothers also produced the album together, along with Dan Swift. Expect such instruments as piano, "broken synthesizer", glockenspiel, harmonium, guitar, bass, vocoder, and ghosts. Yes, ghosts. You know, ghosts. Guitar, drums, bass, triangle, melodica, ghosts.

Aqualung's making-the-new-album weblog includes two songcasts. One is about "Cinderella", the first travk on the forthcoming album. The other is about "Human Shield", a track that isn't on the album (but perhaps will be a B-side). It was written after the birth of Matt's son, Kofi, and Matt describes it as "In some ways, the most explicit post-Kofi song." He used "less common sounds" as the song marked "the first time" he tried to "not really rely on the piano". He calls it Pet Sounds-y".

Memory Man Track Listing:

Pressure Suit
Something To Believe In
Vapour Trail
Rolls So Deep
The Lake
Black Hole
Garden Of Love
Broken Bones

On another note, I will contribute to the year-end-list madness (before the year is out, even!). The number of lists may not rival xolondon's listapalooza, but there will at least be a list of favorite albums and favorite earworms.

This song isn't on either of those lists but it's good. As another chock-full-of-advice song, is the tune just a lo-fi variant of "Everybody's Free (To Wear Sunscreen)"? If so, maybe every generation needs one. Unfortunately, while I like the song, I'm less fond of the album.

Simple Kid - Self-Help Book (available on SK2)


Blogger xolondon said...

"Pressure Suit" is stunning!! STUN-ing.

9:07 PM  
Blogger trill42 said...

The music is gorgeous! On first listen, the chorus feels slightly awkward to me, but hopefully I'll get used to it. Those lyrics are logical for the song, so...

12:50 PM  

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