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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

James Reuniting, "Still Fresh As A Daisy"

Manchester's James, who had over two dozen hit singles in the U.K. from the mid 80s until 2001, have posted a message on their website announcing a reunion tour.

Not only is James "back, still fresh as a daisy", they also have a "bunch of new songs". Curiously, the band makes a point of referring to themselves as "the 'laid' six" and noting that they "will be playing live for the first time in 6 years", but they've only announced five concerts. Could a sixth show be in the offing? A festival perhaps?

As for what prompted the reunion, singer Tim Booth told Xfm it can be chalked up to chalked up to to "kind of a load of synchronistic events". Why, last summer he "would have said absolutely not, not a chance" would the band have reunited. Guitarist Larry Gott, one of the other founders of the band, had been calling him. Booth says, they got together and "jammed for a few days and found that it was really fantastic." And that's what led to the band's reunion... from jamming to James.

The Jesus And Mary Chain and Rage Against The Machine are also reuniting; both bands are playing at Coachella. Crowded House is reforming for a world tour. Reunions are trendy.

James Concerts:

April 21 - Glasgow - Carling Academy

April 23 - Newcastle - Carling Academy

April 24 - Birmingham - Carling Academy

April 27 - London Brixton - Carling Academy

April 28 - Manchester - MEN Arena

James - Laid (Live At GLR) (a bonus track on the 2001 reissue of Laid)

James - Tomorrow (available on The Best of James)


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