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Monday, January 15, 2007

Sting Confirms Talks For Police Tour

Tuesday's edition of The Mirror provides an update on The (Possible) Police 30th Reunion Tour Saga has kept us all in suspense for 9 or 10 months now. On Monday, Sting confirmed that The Police have been discussing a 30th anniversary reunion tour.

The paper quotes Sting thusly, "We started 30 years ago, so it would be nice to do something to celebrate. We don't quite know what, but we're talking about it."

Given the uncertainty of that statement it seems the paper's headline jumps to conclusions. "STING SET FOR POLICE GIG RETURN"? It doesn't sound like he's set; it still sounds too soon to say for sure. Maybe when the guys have 31 or 32 years together (at the rate these talks are moving), maybe on Wednesday.

Further bulletins as events warrant.


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