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Thursday, January 18, 2007

5 Sweet Covers

An assortment of covers tonight, including a pair of cool lounge versions of 80s songs from Jazz And 80s, "Like A Virgin" by The Cooltrane Cuartet and "In The Air Tonight" by James Farrelli.

Momus - So Hard (available on Very Introspective, Actually - A Tribute to the Pet Shop Boys)

In his LiveJournal, Momus writes on topics such as what Sherlock Holmes would say about his trash, grafitti he agrees with, and calculating the value of what he's wearing.

The Cooltrane Cuartet - Like A Virgin (available on Jazz And 80s)

James Farrelli - In The Air Tonight (available on Jazz And 80s)

Ian McCulloch - Hey, That's No Way To Say Goodbye (available on I'm Your Fan: the Songs of Leonard Cohen)

Ian McCulloch has an interview in the current issue of Hot Press.

Bring this flyer to get in free to hear fellow Bunnyman Will Sergeant DJ March 8th at the Korova Bar in Liverpool. "Live Electronica Band Baltic" will also play.

The Get Up Kids - Regret (available on Eudora)

The New Amsterdams, the current band of Matthew Pryor, one of The Get Up Kids' guitarists/vocalists (before their 2005 breakup), is playing Whole Music Club in Minneapolis February 9th and The Subterranean in Chicago the next night.

Blackpool Lights, a band including Jim Suptic, The Get Up Kids' other guitarist/vocalist, plays The Hurricane in Kansas City January 19th with The Life And Times and The Bottleneck in Lawrence, Kansas the next night, also with The Life And Times.

* The picture of a flower sundae is from the WisH flower shop in Osaka, Japan, which also arranges bouquets that resemble ice cream cones, whole cakes, and slices of cake.

If you want to make your own flower sundae (or even if you don't), HGTV offers instructions.


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