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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Everyday That We Wake Up It's a Beautiful Day: Morning Songs

This seemed like a logical follow-up to the sleep songs post. The occasional use of logic can be a fun and easy way to surprise your brain. You may startle it into releasing old information that was "on the tip of your tongue" years ago. I'm hoping to uncover hidden reserves of pop culture trivia and/or some of the French I temporarily learned in high school.

There's one staying-out-all-night song, one insomnia song, and one twilight song, but they're also all morning-esque.

Morning Songs:

Nouvelle Vague - Friday Night Saturday Morning (on Nouvelle Vague)

Cover of The Specials song nonchalantly describes a typical weekend night dancing and drinking "with mates and dates and friends". Though the singer claims "I don't like life when things get dull", she sounds bored, and disgusted to boot:

I'll eat in the taxi queue
Standing in someone else's spew
Wish I had lipstick on my shirt
Instead of piss stains on my shoes

Tahiti 80 - When the Sun (Sunrise Version) (on Extra Pieces of Sunshine)

Sweetly empathizes with a listener's insomnia. Staying in and bopping along to the horns in this jaunty tune might be a better call than dragging your exhausted self out to go dancing with "with mates and dates and friends", especially if it leads to vomit clean-up later. Or at least try to take a step back if someone looks like they're about to puke.

Gordon Hempton - Georgia Twilight (on Dawn Chorus)

You can chirp and tweet along with the birds on this nature sounds track, if you like.

Better Than Ezra - Daylight (on Before the Robots)

Before the Robots is a rare RIAA-safe album from Better Than Ezra. "Daylight" is about needing someone you wish you didn't, and resenting them for it... or even resenting the intrusive process of falling in love. When you fall in love, you may find many thoughts are interrupted by thoughts of your beloved. Some might find this irritating ("You're a cut that refuses to heal...You're a song I can't get off my mind.") Ultimately, there's acceptance ("I need you finally, I confess") though it isn't perfect ("I love you, but I hate you too"). How romantic.

The Cardigans - Rise And Shine (on Life)

Another sketchy one, I'm afraid. This light, fun tune appeared on an album released by independent label Minty Fresh, but it was also released by RIAA members. So if you'd like Life, and want to buy it from an independent label, just do a bit of research first. The Cardigans are decidedly not always an RIAA-safe band.

Bright Eyes - I Woke Up With This Song in My Head This Morning (B-side of the "Lua" single)

The music is cheerful; the lyrics not so much so. They're good, though.

Fruit Bats - Everyday That We Wake Up It's a Beautiful Day (on Spelled in Bones)

Sweetness and chirping birds, together in one gentle song


Blogger Pete2ndBest said...

Thanks again for introducing me to new music!

The Bright Eyes' song was very good, I haven't heard a lot of their stuff and I'd always thought they were a totally different band (doing acoustic country, or something).

But the best was the Better Than Ezra song! Really good stuff, reminds me of some of U2's recent better moments. I'd never heard anything by BTE although I had heard about them. If they're this good, I'll be looking for more of their songs!

So, thanks! :-)

12:47 PM  
Blogger trill42 said...

You're welcome, and thanks for taking the time to comment. I really appreciate it. :)

So glad you're finding new music you like so much. That's a nice compliment for Better Than Ezra! (oh, I know I called Bono pompous... he's a great musician, but I also think he's pompous ;))

11:03 AM  

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