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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Aereogramme Ignores Your Heart's Wish, Goes Separate Ways

It can't be a good sign when it takes the press nearly a week to notice your band has announced its break-up. Then again, by the time you've reached that stage, everyone already has a good inkling there's a problem.

Aereogramme announced their split May 11th, saying "the never-ending financial struggle" played a large part in their decision, having contributed to their feeling of not having "any fight left".

Powerful stuff, but still, NME only noticed today. It seems like word has spread slowly.

Aereogramme's own website still hasn't announced the break-up. (Maybe they don't read NME.com.) "Yes, rumours are true," begins the most recent update (from February 13th). The big scoop there is about a North American tour in April. An unloved band website is a form of anti-promotion, but when a group names themselves Aereogramme, it looks like they embrace anti-promotion as a sort of strategy.

NME's headline: "Aerogramme split up" says volumes. Because they misspelled the group's name. Still, the group is probably kicking themselves now, saying, "If only we wrote it upside down, it would have worked..."

They're so talented at the "music" part; it's a shame that for whatever reasons they couldn't make the business part work.

The group has 8 shows left, all in Scotland, from May 30 at Aberdeen Music Hall, concluding at Inverary Connect Festival on August 31st. However, they prefer to view their June 16 Glasgow QMU concert as their farewell show rather than the festival sets that follow it.

Aereogramme's Farewell Message:

"It is with heavy hearts that we tell you all that Aereogramme have decided to split up. Reasons are multiple and complex. It is however fair to say that the never-ending financial struggle coupled with an almost superhuman ability to dodge the zeitgeist have taken their toll, ensuring that we just don't have any fight left in us. We are immensely proud of the four albums that we made over the past seven years. We hope that they continue to grow in your hearts. We plan to honour and celebrate the beautiful friendships we have made along the way with (our) final shows over the summer.

"We would like you all to consider our headline show at the QMU in Glasgow to be our farewell UK show and to view the Connect Festival in Inverary as a damn fine opportunity for everyone to see The Jesus And Mary Chain. Finally we want to thank you all for listening to our music and coming to our shows over the years. You have given us a glimpse of something truly special. Aereogramme. x."

Aereogramme's Remaining Shows:

May 30 - Aberdeen - Aberdeen Music Hall
May 31 - Edinburgh - Potterow
June 1 - Glasgow - Barrowlands
June 16 - Glasgow - The QMU
June 23 - Scheesel - Hurricane Festival
June 24 - Neuhausen - Southside Festival
July 27 - Grossefehn - Omas Teich Festival
August 31 - Inverary - Connect Festival

The video for "Barriers" (on My Heart Has A Wish That You Would Not Go):

Aereogramme - Wood (on Sleep & Release)

Aereogramme - The Ocean Red (on Glam Cripple EP)


Blogger David Ashwood said...

This is awful news!

I saw them earlier this year in Glasgow and am seeing them support Biffy Clyro on Friday, but I will definitely see them on the 16th now.

4:56 AM  
Blogger trill42 said...

Ah, you're a lucky one! I've never seen them. I'll keep my fingers crossed for an American reunion tour someday.

4:41 PM  

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