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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Placebo Announces Battle For The Sun, Golden Tickets-Er, Laminates

Placebo has announced the June 8th release of a new album, Battle For The Sun, which will be available via download, CD, limited edition CD + DVD set, LP, and deluxe box set, with 5 "Golden Laminates" stashed inside deluxe box sets.

Zane Lowe's BBC Radio 1 show has "worldwide exclusive first play" rights to the title track. They're scheduled to play the song March 17th at 7:00 PM (presumably that's UK time). Zane Lowe's shows are online for a limited period of time, but the song will probably pop up elsewhere before long.

Placebo's official online store is taking pre-orders for the deluxe box set. The first 500 copies will be signed by the band, and a "Golden Laminate Pass" will be hidden inside 5 box sets, with 1 Golden Laminate per continent. The Golden Ticket-Laminate, that is could get you and a pal "an amazing VIP day with Placebo", which includes "a gig within your country". (Who chooses the location of the gig? Good question! Perhaps you, but it doesn't sound like they pay for transportation there. Perhaps it's the concert-closest-to-you. A Golden Laminate is a Thing of Mystery!) You also get "2 nights accommodation" (Are those nights spent in a hotel? In a hostel? Bunking with the band? Thing of Mystery!) Also included in the Laminated Ones' prize: watching Placebo soundcheck, eating dinner with them at the venue, and watching the concert from side stage.

The track listing for Battle For The Sun hasn't yet been revealed, but there are lots of details about that deluxe box set. It includes "2 hardback bound books in hard back slipcase". In those books...

Book 1:

Disc 1: "Full album + 2 exclusive bonus tracks"

Disc 2: "Live album tracks from forthcoming world tour – Blank CD that allows exclusive download of live recorded tracks, from selected live dates"

DVD1: "Live at Angkor Wat. Full concert performance shot in December 2008 of the band’s only show last year which was the first ever rock show to take place at the world famous Angkor Wat temple in Cambodia.
PLUS a film documenting the band’s trip to Cambodia, behind the scenes footage and interviews with the band."

DVD2: "In the studio; The making of 'Battle For The Sun' The album. A film featuring exclusive, never before seen, ‘fly on the wall’ footage of Placebo in the studio making the new album. Includes interviews with the band.
36 page photo book featuring shots from Angkor Wat and Cambodia."

Book 2:

"2 x Heavy Vinyl LP
16 pages of handwritten lyrics & studio photos
Exclusive film poster insert"

Folks who shell out £70 for the deluxe box set will also get a digital download of Battle For The Sun the day it's released.

58 seconds of "Twenty Years", live at Angkor Wat:

A full live performance of "Blind", from The Henry Rollins Show:

Running Up That Hill (Kate Bush cover, on the Sleeping With Ghosts bonus disc and the Meds re-release)


Blogger Casey said...

I got a Golden Laminate pass! The letter says "A member of Placebo's management will be in contact with you shortly." It doesn't say how or precisely when though. Its been 9 days, and not a word from anyone so far. But, they don't have any North American tour dates (so far), and they rarely even come over here, so I would really like to know how the hell I get to see them "in my country" if they don't come here at all. Hmmm...

12:42 PM  
Blogger trill42 said...

Congratulations!!! That's wonderful; you're in for an amazing time.

I absolutely think a full North American tour is TBA... but that it won't take place until next year. Placebo's 2009 touring schedule is already pretty busy. However, they could squeeze in at least, say, one North American gig this year, which could be your special show. But...yeah, it's possible you'll have to wait until their North American tour. Their management might be trying to sort out the same thing, but hopefully someone will be in touch soon. It's understandable that you'd be on pins and needles.

Whenever you go, it'll probably be worth the wait. Have fun!!

1:28 PM  

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