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Monday, July 11, 2005

Mitch Benn: "Everything Sounds Like Coldplay Now"

Hooray, a musical skewering of Coldplay!

I made it a few months without mentioning Coldplay. I liked some of their older music, but I pretty much can't stand their new stuff. I don't think it's that the songs sound the same. I think the new songs are worse, at least the ones I've heard -- I couldn't make it through the whole CD. What I really dislike about Coldplay, though, is their attitude -- the arrogance, their bizarre sense of entitlement to be dubbed the greatest band, that makes them really annoying. That's what let's me enjoy the current backlash against them, even though 1) I like some of the bands unfairly lumped into the "sounds like Coldplay" group by some people, and 2) the backlash is occuring as Coldplay enjoys great commercial success with X&Y.

mp3:Mitch Benn and the Distractions - Everything Sounds Like Coldplay Now

As one reviewer said, Mitch Benn "has some real points to make about individuality, taking music too seriously and the tyranny of trendy bands."

This track is included on the July Word of Mouth CD, but it seemed to deserve a post of its own. More songs from the CD to follow in another post. Definitely have to post the one from Ian McNabb, formerly of the Icicle Works. It's great.


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