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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Gentle Tuesday: Tuesday Songs

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Yes, I'm doing this for a week. Yeah, I meant to start on a Tuesday (as far as you know). And why not? 'Tis a fine day, arguably the most important day in my country, the United States. Tuesdays are generally when we hold elections, after all, and when we distribute free stickers allowing Americans to proudly proclaim that they have voted.

Tuesday was first named for the Roman God of War, Martius. When England was conquered by Germanic tribes, the day's name was changed to tiwesdaeg in recognition of the Norse God of War, Tyr or Tiw.

Tuesdays are thought unlucky in Greece (the Fall of Constantinople occurred on a Tuesday) and in the "Spanish-speaking world."

Ah, but without Tuesdays there could be no Mardi Gras. And "Tuesday's child is full of grace". Without Tuesday's children, there would be a lot more clumsy people, and they'd likely go around accidentally injuring others. You can find out what day of the week you were born here and its alleged meaning here.

On to Tuesday's music:

mp3:Primal Scream - Gentle Tuesday

mp3:The Pogues - Tuesday Morning

mp3:The Smithereens - Groovy Tuesday

mp3:Elliott Smith - Hooray for Tuesday (live) (Minders cover)

mp3:David Bowie - Love You Till Tuesday

mp3:Neutral Milk Hotel - Love You on a Tuesday

mp3:Emiliana Torrini - Ruby Tuesday (The Rolling Stones cover)

mp3:Julian Lennon - Ruby Tuesday (The Rolling Stones cover)

mp3:The Rolling Stones - Ruby Tuesday


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