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Saturday, July 30, 2005

Uncut: The REM Collection: Disc 2 (Michael Stipe)

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I wouldn't do so just to be a completist, but I did pick up the other two Uncut REM mags & CDs. By "pick up" I hasten to add that I mean "paid for" -- I didn't just walk off with them. There was only one copy of the Uncut with Stipe's CD left. Is his CD really better or does this reveal some knee-jerk bias for the lead singer? Possibly the latter, but I'll revisit that question after listening to the remaining CD, Mike Mills', which is actually numbered first in the series. So why am I posting Stipe's first? Bias for the singer? Nah, I just grabbed one at random. Good question, though.

'Course there could be another explanation for the scarcity of the Stipe editions of Uncut, like people made their selection randomly, or fewer copies with Stipe's CD were sent to some places.

You can have a listen to 30-second snippets from the songs of each compilation at the Uncut website. I previously wrote about Peter Buck's CD, and Mike Mills' CD will get the Kofi's hat treatment too, but not tonight. There's a veggie sandwich out there with my name on it, and some sort of world-class entertainment awaits me as well.

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The REM Collection: Disc 2: Michael Stipe Presents... Track Listing:

1. Now It's Overhead - Reverse (live)

2. mp3:Karen Elson - Coming Down

Gosh, Jack White's wife, the model can sing?! Well, I mean! Is that why she looks so incredibly smug in her photo in the liner notes? Y'know, Karen, just because I like this song doesn't mean I have to like you. Someone's going to tell me she's really a very nice person, aren't they?

3. mp3:Papercranes - Knew You When

Pretty tune. No snark here.

4. Tilly & the Wall - Nights of the Living Dead
5. The Citizens Band - Je T'Aime Scumbag

6. mp3: Flash To Bang Time - H The President (live) link removed

This group, the liner notes inform us, is "led by Lynda Stipe, Michael's little sister." I hate to be cruel, but this song gave me a bit of a headache. I am posting it purely because it's by a band led by Michael Stipe's sister, the same reason it's on the CD Stipe compiled. Thought y'all might be curious about what Stipey's sister's band sounds like if you're not familiar with them. If you're not curious about that, have a listen anyway, if you harbour slight massochistic tendencies. Actually, before you download it, I must provide a warning: I couldn't make it all the way through this song. I stopped it, then desperately clicked on another song at random... it was "Paint It Black" by Vanessa Carlton. In addition to being fond of covers in general, I'll nab any "Paint It Black" in sight... er, sound. My precious little WinAmp window was blank... no artist name, no song name. WinAmp hated that Flash To Bang Time song, too. I'm just sayin'. My WinAmp never acts up... this was absolutely the exception that proves the rule. I swear it's not the Vanessa Carlton tune that did it. I closed WinAmp and re-opened it. It seems okay now, but I think it will be happier once I delete "H The President." Download this song at your own risk!

7. The Checks - Mercedes Children

8. mp3:Vic Chesnutt - Aunt Avis

9. Magnapop - Favorite Writer (live)
10. Angela McCluskey - Hidden Song

11. mp3:Leona Naess - No Boys (live)

I don't love the audio quality on this. The audio on a few of the tracks leaves something to be desired, that "something" being better quality.

12. mp3:Joseph Arthur - In the Sun (live)

13. Patti Smith - Wing (live)
14. Bright Eyes - We Are Nowhere And It Is Now (live)
15. REM - Boy In The Well (live)


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