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Monday, August 29, 2005

What the U.K. is Listening to

Yes, virtually every single person in the U.K. is listening to all of these songs. On a continuous loop, according to my informant. This behaviour seems kind of odd, but I'll chalk up my lack of understanding to cultural ignorance. These songs are all great, so at least they're showing some good taste on the other side of the pond.

MP3:Robert Post - Got None

MP3:Stephen Fretwell - Emily

MP3:Goldfrapp - Slide In

MP3:The Coral - Something Inside Of Me

MP3:Royksopp - Alpha Male

MP3:Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Still Suspicion Holds You Tight

MP3:Elbow - Forget Myself


Blogger torr said...

If everyone was listening to that Robert Post song it would have done better than #42 in the charts :-)

3:12 PM  
Blogger trill42 said...

Home taping is killing music.

3:17 PM  
Blogger metaeducat10n said...

...and it's fun:


5:10 PM  
Blogger trill42 said...

... but it leads people to sell t-shirts made by American Apparel, and you know I'm not down with that, as the kids say.

For anyone else who wonders why I won't buy American Apparel shirts...

How charges of union-busting were settled, what the accusations were, etc.

The UNITE HERE folks claim many American Apparel workers still want a union but are waiting for "an atmosphere free of harassment and intimidation" (union folks are not exactly impartial on that. I think the workers should have the right to decide for themselves whether they want a union without being threatened or otherwise screwed with, and I don't think workers feel magically free to decide just because a sign gets posted saying they are after the kind of threats to close the plant, surveillance of union activities, and other harassment American Apparel workers were allegedly subjected to, even if that behaviour did stop)

Living On The Edge At American Apparel

Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing: Sexist antics and union-busting cast doubt on American Apparel’s progressive cred

So did meta not notice, or was he being sneaky and trying to get me to post something like that? And why am I talking as though he couldn't possibly be reading this? It's a mystery. I also don't know why pink lemonade exists... I'm not bothered by it; it's just sort of curious that someone felt the need to colour it. Did someone taste it, look at it, and say, "You know this is really good, but it would be even better if it was pink?"

7:59 PM  
Blogger metaeducat10n said...

RE: not down with that, as the kids say

RE: lemonade


1:22 AM  
Blogger trill42 said...

Hahaha... I suspect the guy from that first one may not have been keeping it real, but he's ai'ght.* I thought you were going to dazzle me with the actual story behind the creation of pink lemonade. I was prepared to be dazzled. Alas, I am not dazzled. I should have researched it myself at some point. I dig Wikipedia, but never checked out their entry on lemonade... I've never heard of a "half and half" but you'll get that if you order an Arnold Palmer.

No cool links from me at the moment in lieu of sleep...

*I wanted to work that O.C./bitch thing in there too, as I'd like to see that return, however 1) I can't remember the exact line and I'm too tired to google it, and 2) I don't think it works well in there at all!

1:50 AM  
Blogger trill42 said...

Some stuff on the apparent origins of lemonade

more specifically about pink lemonade

... and no, that second guy is not ripping off Dr. Science at all!

This says red cabbage juice is used for pink lemonade. Bleh.

I'm not buying that story about the guy using red water to make the first pink lemonade. Sending you another link but it's off-topic and tangenting kills music. Or something like that. Actually I just had no good ending for that sentence.

1:12 PM  
Blogger metaeducat10n said...

The great thing about wikipedia is that if you find better dazzling information you can go in and edit the page. Just an encouragement for the prolific...

4:53 PM  
Blogger trill42 said...

It seems like there might have been a very subtle hint of some kind in there...

4:51 PM  

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