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Saturday, August 13, 2005

Word of Mouth Magazine: August CD

(Sept. issue pictured)

The latest issue of Word of Mouth includes a CD. This not unusual; they all do. Every Word of Mouth CD doesn't contain a cover of "Le Freak" performed by The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain though, now, does it?

I mean, I really like the Joy Zipper song, there's a lovely instrumental from Daniel Lanois, a Fountains of Wayne song (rarely a bad thing), Madness... Luke Haines & the Auteurs... lots of different kinds of sounds here. It's just hard to get past that "Le Freak" right now.

Track Listing:

1. Joseph Arthur - Wasted
2. mp3:Madness - Girl, Why Don't You?
3. Karine Polwart - Only One Way
4. mp3:Joy Zipper - Thought's A Waste of Time
5. Leela James - Long Time Coming
6. Shelby Lynne - Where Am I Now
7. Sweetblood - Head of Indra
8. mp3:Fountains of Wayne - Trains and Boats and Planes
9. mp3:The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain - Le Freak (Oh my God)
10. The Shortwave Set - Repeat to Fade
11. mp3:Daniel Lanois - Agave
12. mp3:Luke Haines & the Auteurs - Bugger Bognor (Alternate Mix)


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