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Friday, August 12, 2005

More Likely Shirt At a Death Cab Concert...? (and *non*-Death Cab mp3s)

Which shirt is more likely to be spotted at a Death Cab concert... I Liked You Better Before You Sold Out or Nothing Is Any Good If Other People Like It?

I'm guessing the latter, worn sarcastically, would be more likely on this tour. (It doesn't take that much more effort to wear something sarcastically)

I have neither... though I have one from Diesel Sweeties and ordered "Sold Out" and a couple others a few days ago (and their babydolls aren't by American Apparel, yay). Hard to imagine being brave/stupid enough to wear "Sold Out" at a concert, though. I might eventually tire of saying "It's a joke" -- or explaining that the band didn't sell out, you did, man.

Unrelated tuneage ... because the new Death Cab stuff is already out there, yet two posts in a row without music might make me feel queasy. Quick and dirty and unrelated because I'm a bit short on time, but they're good songs.

On another unrelated note, there's a new album from Depeche Mode on the way. Info & track listing at NME.

mp3:Gorillaz - Fire Coming Out of a Monkey's Head

mp3:Erin McKeown - Fast As I Can

mp3:Little Red Rocket - Sick of Pretty

mp3:Ken Nordine - Crimson (have been wanting to write about Ken Nordine for the longest time and haven't, so might as well post something by him already)


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