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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Q Magazine CD: Lennon Covered #1

The latest issue of Q includes a "John Lennon Covered" CD, including exclusive covers by Feeder, The Vines, The Subways, Maximo Park... looked like plenty of good stuff. Right after I bought the issue, I noticed it looked like there might be two versions of the CD and went to check, explaining to the newsstand guy that I'd buy the other one if that was the case. Snagged another copy to check. Hmm, different CD cover, and yet... oh, those cheeky monkeys. One different song on each of the "two versions" of the CD? One CD includes Elbow's cover of "Working Class Hero" and the other, Badly Drawn Boy's "Merry Xmas (War Is Over)" and the CDs otherwise have the same tracks. I decided not to pay loads of money for one extra song. The newsstand guy insisted I'd be back. "That one song could change your life," he told me. "And you'd never know it. You'll think about this all day long, and you'll come back." I'm so not going back for the other CD, though I do mildly regret not asking newsstand guy what nailpolish he was wearing. I liked the colour.

According to Q editor Paul Rees, the Lennon Covered project is part of Q's coverage with the intent to "celebrate" (what would have been) Lennon's 65th birthday. Q approached Yoko Ono a year ago about this and she gave them "unlimited access to her archives and to her memories". Indeed, there is a lot of John Lennon coverage in this issue. If you're a fan, you might want to check it out for that as well as for the CDs.

Interviews with the Stereophonics' Kelly Jones and the Bravery, a small "Where are they now?" feature about Pavement, a "story behind the song" about Bowie's "Heroes", and tons of reviews are also in the new Q...

Q CD: Lennon Covered #1 Track Listing:

1. mp3:Madonna - Imagine (live) ("exclusive to Q magazine")
2. Oasis - I Am the Walrus (live)
3. Paul Weller - Instant Karma
4. mp3:Feeder - Beautiful Boy ("recorded exclusively for Q magazine")
5. Sugababes - Come Together ("recorded exclusively for Q magazine")
6. mp3:The Vines - I'm Only Sleeping
7. Joseph Arthur - Look At Me ("recorded exclusively for Q magazine")
8. mp3:Elbow - Working Class Hero ("recorded exclusively for Q magazine")
9. mp3:Maximo Park - Isolation ("recorded exclusively for Q magazine")
10. mp3:The Subways - You've Got to Hide Your Love Away ("recorded exclusively for Q magazine")
11. Hal - Mind Games ("recorded exclusively for Q magazine")
12. Willy Mason - Nobody Told Me ("recorded exclusively for Q magazine")
13. Stereophonics - Don't Let Me Down
14. mp3:Kubb - Mother (Hey, it's one of the tastemaker's picks. Only reason I'm posting this one. Therefore, using trilllogic, this one doesn't count toward the total, even though it was "recorded exclusively for Q magazine.")


Blogger Jerimee Bloemeke said...

I'm going to have to check out that Q magazine. I love Lennon, he just fasciantes me for some reason...maybe it has to do with the fact that we have the same birthday - Oct. 9th? I tell everyone that, but it is true!

To not include a cover of "Jealous Guy" just kills me...no one had the balls to cover it? I love that song, heh, maybe it's better no one decided to ruin it for me, and I think Mr. Ferry does an okay job of it himself anyway.

Oh, and how is the "You Send It" thingy? Ease of use, whatever...? I'm looking into getting into that soon - I lost my server space, wah wah wah. Thnk you.

1:46 PM  
Blogger xolondon said...

I love Madonna but that cover is ABYSMAL. Truly horrid. Badly sung cod reggae crap.

2:01 PM  
Blogger trill42 said...

xo, you sure? I thought it was flounder. Agreeance other than that. Lots of agreeance.

drumman, Lennon's a good shared birthday person, alright. :) I don't even remember the people I share a birthday with, which perhaps says something.

I love "Jealous Guy" too. I have a very short snippet (no idea where I got it from) of a Madeleine Peyroux cover; it ends before she starts singing. Or maybe she just didn't have the balls to start singing. ;)

You Send It has been excellent. It flaked out on me (and a lot of other people; it was mass flakeage) for a little while once. Overall, though, it's been great -- easy to use and reliable. Sorry you lost your server space. :( 'Tis better to have had server space and lost it than never to have had server space at all? Wait, that's love. With server space it just sucks to lose it. Sorry, dude.

2:25 PM  
Blogger Amy said...

There's a great live cover of Jealous Guy by Elliott Smith. If anyone could cover it sensitively, he could. I'm sure the sound would be too lo-fi for this project, though. On the subject of birthdays: I share one with Madonna (not the same year).

2:44 PM  
Blogger trill42 said...

Yes! I was trying to think of a cover of "Jealous Guy" I thought I had and couldn't remember who sang it, and a search didn't find it. I had it misnamed as "Jealpus Guy" but an Elliott Smith search turned it up. Thanks, Amy! You Madonna types are so helpful! :)

Elliott Smith - Jealous Guy (live at the Black Cat)

1:19 AM  

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