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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Rock Sound Mag November CD

The November 2005 of U.K. magazine RockSound includes a couple of CDs. One promises "15 naughty but niceties from this month's issue featuring new and exclusive tracks from Soulfly, Johnny Truant, Taint, Minus the Bear, Louis XIV, Arctic Monkeys, God Forbid." Notice the shockingly low billing for Arctic Monkeys. Their definition of "exclusive" is a little weird at RockSound, though. The exclusive track from Minus the Bear is "Pachuca Sunrise", a track from their latest CD, currently available both in the States in the U.K. Every track on the current CD except the ones by the Test Icicles and Shaped by Fate, and the God Forbid Interview is labeled "exclusive." For the last RockSound mag CD I posted I looked up all the tracks to see whether the tracks were currently available elsewhere, and found most were. I think by the time the mag crossed the pond some "forthcoming" CDs became "available". This time, I'm just leaving out the word "exclusive." Most probably are or will be available elsewhere, some may not...

The second CD is called Burn and it's too hard-edged (i.e. contains too much screaming) for my tastes. So I'm sticking to posting a few songs from the first CD.

Rock Sound Music With Attitude Vol. 78 Track Listing:

1. God Forbid - Chains of Humanity
2. Johnny Truant - Throne Vertigo
3. Taint - I'm Going to Kill Henry Ford
4. Doomriders - Ride or Die
5. Burst - Homebound
6. Upcleftcdowncrightcabc+Start - Silent Fire
7. MP3:Minus the Bear - Pachuca Sunrise
8. Shots Fired - Squires at Bristol
9. The Automatic - Rats (demo)
10. MP3:Arctic Monkeys - Dancing Shoes (demo)
11. MP3:Louis XIV - Pledge of Allegiance
12. MP3:Test Icicles - Boa vs. Python
13. Beyond All Reason - Love Crossed Pistols
14. Soulfly - Frontlines
15. Shaped by Fate - Turn to Dusk
16. God Forbid - Interview


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