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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Irish Music For St. Patricks Day (Day 1)

Kicking off three days of Irish music in honor of Saint Patrick, one of three patron saints of Ireland (clearly the one who had the best agent). Or the most impressive set of achievements. Either way, I'll wager more people have heard of Saint Patrick than either Saint Brigid or Saint Columba. Not saying they're not excellent Saints, just likely a bit lesser-known, particularly outside of Ireland.

It is thought that Match 17 is the day St. Patrick died, so naturally it was the day chosen to celebrate St. Patrick's Day!

Although it appears that St. Patrick did not banish any snakes -- because there weren't any on Ireland for him to banish -- the snake-banishing for which he is renowned likely refers to some equally interesting accomplishment, such as druid-banishing. You never hear about druids slithering around and attacking random passersby in Ireland, do you? Well then, order a green beverage this Friday and say a toast to St. Patrick.

Irish Tunes - Day 1:

Ann Scott - Start (a sweet one, from Live & Rare Vol. 1)

Ash - Everybody's Happy Nowadays (alt rock, from Meltdown and the "Orpheus" single)

Flogging Molly - Salty Dog (Celtic punk, from Swagger)

The Frames - Finally (alt-rock, from Burn The Maps)

Damien Rice - Delicate (singer-songwriter, still file it under "alternative", from O)

The Undertones - My Perfect Cousin (heavily-praised pop-punk from Hypnotized, etc.)


Blogger muruch said...

Ireland is probably my favourite source of music these days. I love all the bands you mentioned, especially Flogging Molly, Damien Rice, and The Frames.

9:11 AM  
Blogger trill42 said...

We're on the same page here... there's definitely quite a wealth of musical talent in Ireland...

1:04 AM  

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