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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Copper Press Magazine and CD

Discovered a new-to-me magazine today, Copper Press. Their current issue, cp26, sports an entirely black front cover. Perhaps it wears black on the outside because black is how it feels on the inside? Indeed, sunshine-yellow might not have worked as well for this issue's theme, "Darkness Warshed Over the Dude." However, the darkness is a bit broken up, for two stickers also apparently warshed over the dude. One reveals the price ($5), the other lists a slew of bands (interviewed in the magazine), then mentions the free CD included with the magazine.

The latter sticker also includes the potentially-helpful instruction "Display in the Music Section". While I appreciate the magazine's bold use of color and their willingness to risk appearing bossy for the sake of Art, I'm not sure I will display this issue in my Music Section. My concern is that I would face judgment for not displaying it in my Art Section. Is it Music or is it Art? Or neither? Both? One person's Music is another person's Art is another person's trash. I'll just keep it safe and sound in my Magazine Section for now.

Behind the black cover, interviews aplenty, with (musical) artists such as Askeleton, The Baptist Generals, The Cops, Paula Frazer, Pleasant, Chin Up Chin Up, Dirty Three, Motion City Soundtrack, Page France, and Ricky Fitts, as well as (visual) artists Ric Stultz and Amy Kuttab.

Along with news, reviews, and interviews, there are currently eight songs available on the Copper Press website (on the downloads page). Well worth checking out... the Human Television song ("Saw You Walking By"), for instance, is a great power pop tune. It's not new, but if you haven't heard it yet, give it a listen (or, as the kids say, "hear it again for the first time.")

The Copper Press CD included with this issue offers a generous 20 tracks with a variety of alt-sounds, including electronica, noise-rock, power pop, and a lovely slice of melancholia from a sensitive singer-songwriter.

Subscriptions to Copper Press are $14 for 4 issues via credit card at copperpress.com or, using what the postal service would prefer we not call snail mail, at:

Copper Press
PO Box 1601
Acme MI 49610

Copper Press Presents: cp26 Track Listing:

1. Pleasant - Lowly
2. AM Sailor - Kicking A Sailor In The Teeth
3. Rocky Votolato - White Daisy Passing (the lovely melancholia, from Makers)
4. Sicbay - Inhuman Resources
5. The Vertebrates - Late in the 13th Round
6. Mount Moriah - Flood Plain
7. Spitfire Tumbleweeds - Any Given Saturday
8. Sincabeza - Birdienumnum
9. Mise En Place - The Plot
10. The Bell County Silence - Jazz Righteous
11. Mesa Falls to Mephisto - In the Monotone
12. Mudville - Blown
13. Paper Airplanes - True Men Like You Men
14. Ricky Fitts - Edward, Unlock Her Gates Of Passion
15. Mussels - God Gets Creative
16. Tic Code - Crunchy Air
17. Magento - Isa (good, sweet alt-rock love tune, from Sounds Like Space. A couple other Magento MP3s are available at their record label's website)
18. Pinetop Seven - June (beautiful, intriguingly dark, lively song with elements of country, folk, blues, pop, jazz, and very possibly other genres. I like this more each time I listen to it. From The Night's Bloom. More MP3s from Pinetop Seven are available at their website)
19. Tone - Towers
20. Askeleton - Some People/Things (upbeat, encouraging alt-pop song, from (Happy) Album. More MP3s from Askeleton are available in the audio section of their website)


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