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Monday, August 21, 2006

Moog Foundation Launches Website, Starts Podcast

The Bob Moog Memorial Foundation for Electronic Music launched its website today, one year after Moog's death. The Foundation also began a Moog Podcast. The first episode features Perpetual Groove, a band in which all the members play Moog instruments. To be a part of future podcasts, the foundation, asks people to record themselves playing or talking about a Moog, or about Bob Moog.

The Foundation has a fund-raising goal of $5 million, "to create outreach programs that will bring electronic instruments and training to disadvantaged children, to sponsor international music competitions, and to create a Bob Moog Memorial Museum in Asheville."

The Moog Cookbook - Buddy Holly (available on The Moog Cookbook)

Morcheeba - The Sea (available on Big Calm, and decidedly a Moog song)

First Moog Quartet - Shank (available on Best of Moog Electronic Pop Hits from the 60's & 70's)


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