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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Top 25 Guilty Pleasure Albums

More on Q's Guilty Pleasures coverage... the magazine lists guilty pleasure albums, along with a key track from, for some reason, the top 6 on the list.

Guilty Pleasure Albums:

1. Meatloaf - Bat Out Of Hell (Q: "The sound of the rock 'n' roll apocalypse.")
2. Supertramp - Breakfast In America (including "Key Track" The Logical Song) Q: "The secret was smart songs, underpinned by a certain pained weirdness"
3. Hall & Oates - Private Eyes (including "Key Track" I Can't Go For That (No Can Do))
4. Def Leppard - Hysteria
5. Billy Joel - The Stranger
6. ZZ Top - Eliminator (including "Key Track" Gimme All Your Lovin')
7. INXS - Kick
8. Dire Straits - Making Movies (including Romeo & Juliet) Q: "Where headband-wearing frontman Mark Knopfler combined cynicism and romanticism to make Romeo & Juliet, fueled his gruff-voiced melancholy with heart-tugging melody and prepared to hit the big time."
9. Simply Red - Stars
10. Phil Collins - Face Value
11. Electric Light Orchestra - Out Of The Blue
12. The Traveling Wilburys - Vol 1
13. Rush - Moving Pictures
14. Eurythmics - Revenge (including Thorn In My Side) Q: "With the Eurythmics growing tired of po-faced synth-pop, Revenge was pure '80s blue-eyed soul."
15. Journey - Escape (including Stone In Love). Q: "this is the very pinnacle of pop prog. Fantastic songs, too - not least the majestic Stone In Love."
16. Blue Öystyer Cult - Agents Of Fortune
17. Counting Crows - August And Everything After
18. UB40 - Labour Of Love
19. Genesis - Invisible Touch (including Land Of Confusion). Q: "Here, Genesis were unrecognisable from the prog band Peter Gabriel fronted. Where there was noodling, there were now great pop songs."
20. Big Country - The Crossing
21. Men At Work - Business As Usual
22. Richard Harris - A Tramp Shining
23. Steve Miller Band - Fly Like An Eagle (including Fly Like An Eagle). Q: "lyrical danger weaves through laid-back blues."
24. a-ha - Hunting High And Low - including The Sun Always Shines On TV). Q: "this was far more than boy-band fare, as the delicious Take On Me and the glorious The Sun Always Shines On TV proved." They both have cool videos too. Here's the video for "The Sun Always Shines On TV":

25. Terence Trent D'Arby - Introducing The Hardline According To...

More in the mag, including an album recommendation for each guilty pleasure on the list (eg, for Eurythmics' Revenge, it's "See Also: Berlin's Count Three And Pray", a few artists' comments on their albums, and an interview with Meatloaf and songwriter Jim Steinman about the making of Bat Out Of Hell.


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