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Sunday, August 20, 2006

The Tragically Hip Announce "World Container"

The Tragically Hip have revealed some details about their next album, which will land in their native Canada on October 17. The first bit of new info is the title, World Container. The first single, to be released in Canada in two weeks, is "In View".

The album was produced by Bob Rock, who should not have to endure jokes about his name. He has paid his dues, working with the likes of Metallica, The Cult, Cher, and Bon Jovi. When you want quality rock, you call Bob Rock. Evidently, he once formed a band called "Rockhead", and that... that, shows his judgment is iffy, but he was in his late 30s... he was (not) young, and foolish. Everyone makes mistakes. The Hip won't let him muck up their album with that sort of nonsense!

During concerts this summer, the Hip have performed several new songs; it seems likely several will be included on the new album. These songs include "The Lonely End Of The Rink", "Pretend", "Fly", "The Drop Off", and "Ocean".

Concert clips of "The Lonely End Of The Rink" and partial clips of
"Fly" and "The Drop Off" are available at YouTube. (If the others are there, they're a bit hidden)

"The Lonely End Of The Rink" is excellent - immediately likeable. It's edgy, brittle, moody, complex, angsty but not whiny...

Can't tell much from the short clips available of "The Drop-Off"; I find it neither immediately catchy or hateable, but it's great to have any snippet of The Hip.

The clip of "Fly" (and Jam! seems sure it's "Fly", not "Try", despite the confusion about the title at YouTube) is also short, but so far, so good. Sounds a bit poppish, singalong-friendly, and feel-good. Balance is good.

The Hip will appear at the Ovation Music Festival in Stratford, Ontario on September 9th with "guests". General admission tickets are 45 Canadian dollars each. VIP tickets go for 90 dollars each, also of the Canadian variety.

The Videos:

"The Lonely End Of The Rink":


"The Drop Off":

The Tragically Hip - Something On (available on Hipeponymous)


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