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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Man Sets Pi Record

Akira Haraguchi, a 60 year-old from Mobara, Japan, has reportedly recited pi to 100,000 digits, breaking his own unofficial record of 83,431 digits. The current recordholder is Hiroyuki Goto, with what his friends and relatives should reassure him is still a very impressive 42,195-digit memorization.

Haraguchi, who has alternately, and somewhat mysteriously been described as a psychiatric counseler and a business consultant and as just a business consultant, spent sixteen hours completing the record. He was videotaped the entire time and observed by at least three people. He took a five-minute break every two hours for bathroom breaks, and to snack on rice balls. No word on what beverage he sipped along with the rice balls, but he could have approached corporations about product placement for the event. It sounds like he didn't, which is refreshing.

But then Haraguchi's interest in π apparently has little relationship with money. It also isn't just about "memorizing figures". "I am thrilled by seeking a story in π", he says.

The number itself is of course infinite, and has only been calculated to a mere 1.24 trillion decimal places. You can read a whole mess of those digits, explore other π websites, join the Friends Of Pi Club, and when you need some time away from the computer, kick back with The Joy Of Pi.

One of the ways in which the big number represented by the little symbol can bring joy is with music.

Try making your own π tune (mine was beautiful).

The Bongos - Numbers With Wings (right-click to download, available on New Wave Dance Hits: Just Can't Get Enough, Vol. 6)

Paul Simon - When Numbers Get Serious (right-click to download, available on Hearts and Bones)

Tindersticks - Sweet Memory (right-click to download, available on Waiting For The Moon)


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