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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

CMJ New Music Monthly CD Vol. 144

Yesterday the December 2006 issue of CMJ New Music Monthly arrived in my mailbox. Oboy, year-end coverage! And - yikes - Christmas music. Oh, CMJ... In today's go-go music market, the kids are already bored of the most "chill", "radical" music a month before it's released. Alas, the magazine's 2006 emphasis and the touch of Christmas music on the compilation make the issue age with little grace.

Granted there's not a lot of Christmas music, but I can't listen to any of it. And as for the 2006 coverage... man, I'm already trying to come up with catchy names that sum up 2007. Don't try to make me live in the past, CMJ.

CMJ Vol. 144 Track Listing:

1. Brand New - Sowing Season (Yeah)
2. Malajube - Montréal -40ºC
3. The Vincent Black Shadow - Metro (available on Fears In The Water)
4. Bob Egan - Virginia
5. Annuals - Brother
6. +44 - 155 (available on When Your Heart Stops Beating)
7. Dead Celebrity Status - We Fall, We Fall
8. Joemca - Strangers
9. A Bad Think - Catch 22 (available on A Bad Think)
10. embrionic - Superfantastic
11. The April Skies - X
12. Sparkydog - Little Bit Of Love (LoFi Mix) (available on Radiowaves )
13. Wonderful Broken Thing - Roam Around
14. The TriBattery Pops (Tom Goodkind Conductor) - Residents' Waltz
15. These United States - The Business
16. Brian, Kenny, Linda, Lee, and Butch - Grandpa's Revenge


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