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Friday, April 06, 2007

60s Songs From Batman and Robin

For one shining month (September 2005), the Poptones record label blog featured two amusing songs from the stars of the 1960s Batman series. The songs are still there, both the decidedly odd song stylings of Burt Ward, who played Robin, and a melodramatic musical gem from Adam West, who played his caped partner in crime-solving.

West begins his song with a question: "Will tonight be the night... that Bruce reveals himself to... the magnificent Miranda?" He means taking his mask off, kids. It's a big moment in any superhero-civilian relationship. The decision to share it with the world through music is a brave one for any superhero, let alone one with little musical "talent" in the strictest, technical sense of the word. Fortunately, the song is intentionally camp and silly. It's a good bit of fun.

As West proved on Lookwell, he does have great comedic chops. Andy Barker, P.I. is pretty good and the accountant/P.I. bits are cute, but Lookwell was better, and the actor-who-once-played-a-cop/P.I. bits were funnier. I like the idea of actors, if they must record music, doing so for (intentional) laughs. Zing!

Adam West - Miranda (on Batmania - Songs Inspired By Batman)


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