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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Making Woodblock-Melodic Tom-Harp Ambient

Hope everyone had a very Happy Thanksgiving. Mine was excellent, despite including some football (watched some while "rapping" with teenagers). It's okay; the rest was good.

By way of update (see last post/comments), no reply from Gibson yet. Incidentally, The String Master was the first Robot Guitar, has a better name, and is only $49.95. I'm just sayin'.

If you're in the mood to make a bit of free customized music, you might give Wolfram Tones a try. Read up on the math wizardry behind the site if you're so inclined, or delve directly into making music.

Choose from fifteen song styles, such as rock/pop, experimental, world, dance, and ambient, or select "random style". Adjust the tempo and pitch; adjust it some more... then put it back a bit, because you haven't played enough if you haven't pushed any of the settings too far. Choose percussion (if you like), plus up to five instruments (including some vocal options), and specify their role in your song (such as first lead). Of course there's a tinkle bell, reverse cymbal, and Japanese flute, but there's also some cool instruments that are used less often like glockenspiel and music box. There are lots of synth instruments and effects to try, and don't forget the pan flute. Like you could.

You can save your little MIDI masterpiece for posterity (well, at least you'll get a "permanent URL" where it will be stored for you), with the enticing option of making the little gem your ringtone. We are truly living in an age of miracles, and it's all thanks to math. The next time I hear a ringtone, I'm totally gonna think of math.

(Here's a rock/pop tune I made pre-woodblock/melodic tom/harp anthem. I'm not completely satisfied with it; the pitch could use some tweaking and it needs more woodblock.)


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