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Monday, March 03, 2008

World Pillow Fight Day (Mitten Climates Stay Home)

As you can tell from its name(s), World Pillow Fight Day 2008—also known as World Pillow Fight Day, International Pillow Fight Day, Global Pillow Fight Day, Pillow Fight Day, and Pillow Fight Day 2008— is a worldwide pillow-fighting event. Only, this year's Pillow Fight Day, which organizers have announced is March 22nd, won't span the entire globe. It will miss San Francisco and any city where its likely to be very cold, such as Toronto and Montreal. San Francisco is taking a pass as well, because they had a Valentine's Day pillow fight (romantic!) and... they will still be tired from that one, or something like that. Maybe March 22nd is traditionally a holiday devoted to love for San Franciscans.

Fellow Los Angelenos: the Los Angeles Pillow Fight has been scheduled for 2:30 PM, March 22nd in Pershing Square. (A few hours ago, it was set for 2:00. If you're planning on going, it would probably be wise to keep checking for updates every so often.) Be there or don't get beaten with a bunch of strangers' old, smelly pillows while they giggle and other strangers take redundant YouTube videos featuring a soundtrack mostly consisting of crowd noise, giggling, exclamations of wonder and amazement, and repeated queries such as, "Did you get that?" and "Are you sure the camera's working?" Don't panic; there's still plenty of time to practice your giggle, smelly-up your pillow, and get a few pillow fights to get ready for the big one.

Because they're missing out on the most-of-the-world massive pillow fight event, cold cities are completely welcome to make their own separate, adorable little pillow fight plans. Montreal is planning its own event for spring or summer; Toronto has tentative plans for a pillow fight in Nathan Phillips Square the first weekend in June. It's smart to wait that long to ensure their pillows will have sufficient time to thaw out.

It may not stay separate-pillow-fights-for-cold-people next year. According to World/Global Pillow Fight organizers, later this year, there will be a poll about when next year's pillow fight should be. Even the opinions of people who might sensibly wear "feetie" pajamas will allegedly be welcomed. People in chilly cities should probably feel slightly... frozen out... if next year's International pillow fight is held in December.

Speaking of frozen things, in case you haven't already marked it on your calendar, you might want to jot down the date of this year's Ben & Jerry's Free Cone Day, which is April 17th. I've realized it might just be an American thing... I think that's probably the case. Now I feel a bit rude for the friendly ribbing toward Toronto and Montreal. Not about San Francisco though. Perhaps everyone can unite in our confusion about the Valentine's pillow fight and how exhausting it is.

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Pizzicato Five - Icecream Meltin' Mellow (Marin Mix 2) (on In the Mix)


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