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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Tonite It Shows (That I Have No Idea What to Call This Playlist)

"After the Lights Go Out", the second song on the playlist, by the Walker Brothers, sounds like a playlist title. Unfortunately, as a playlist title, it doesn't fit this playlist at all. I very briefly considered the name Music For After the Lights Go Out until realizing how much more misleading it would be. These songs are swell, really; their titles just don't work for my grab 'n' go naming purposes for this set o' songs. Plus, all this thinking about night is putting me in an increasingly sleepy mindset, which is not conducive to... thinking... up... phrases, or... stuff. Yeah.

This is the belated nighttime companion to the morning playlist . Hope y'all enjoy it.

Tonite It Shows (That I Have No Idea What to Call This Playlist)

1) Jim Guthrie - "Nighttime, Anytime (It's Alright)" (on Believer's 25th Issue compilation CD. An acoustic version of a song by The Constantines, from Shine a Light)
2) The Walker Brothers - "After The Lights Go Out" (on The Best of the Walker Brothers, etc.)
3) Josh Rouse - "Streetlights" (on Nashville)
4) Mercury Rev - "Tonite It Shows" (on Deserter's Songs)
5) Bonobo - "Nightlite" (on Days to Come)
6) Robbie Fulks - "Let's Kill Saturday Night" (on Let's Kill Saturday Night)
7) Mattafix - "11:30 (Dirtiest Trick In Town)" (on Signs of a Struggle)
8) The Manchester Orchestra - "Wolves At Night" (on )
9) Dolorean - "Morningwatch" (on Not Exotic and a single)
10) Brandon Schott - "Let Me Sleep" (on Release)
11) Output Message - "Sommeil" (on Idol Tryouts Two: Ghostly International Vol. Two)

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