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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Franz Ferdinand Makes Terrible Decision

How disappointing that Franz Ferdinand has chosen a designer who "wants the progressive man to wear fur" to design the costumes for their Tonight tour.

Just a month ago, the band's Nick McCarthy went to a "Fur Is A Drag" party - PETA Europe's version of a Fashion Week. Why did he change his mind about fur? Does he or does he not consider fur a drag?

Kopenhagen Fur, one of the world's largest fur companies, nominated the designer in question, Christian Westphal, for a 2007 Golden Fur Pin. He later "teamed up with" the company. In a promotional interview dated last month, Westphal says, "My partnership with Kopenhagen Fur has been fabulous." The company also quotes Westphal as saying, "I will definitely use fur in my future designs, in both my summer and winter lines."

Last week, The Times (in London) reported that large fur companies, including Kopenhagen Fur, have been giving designers free fur clothing, accessories, and sponsorships. They're said to invite designers to their headquarters where they tell them that "fur farming" at their company is "humane" (possibly while keeping their fingers crossed behind their back or while winking and gesturing for a minion to pour more champagne.)

According to the The Times, the sponsorships offered to designers can be "lucrative" and offer a tempting amount of exposure. One designer accepted the opportunity to open Copenhagen Fashion Week.

It's not as serious a concern as his ethical issues, but at least some of Westphal's fur-free clothing designs are iffy in lesser ways. The clothes look a bit boring, and not particularly flattering. However, Franz Ferdinand might find their tightness appealing, and not want to spend time "comparison-shopping", as the kids say.

It remains to be seen whether any fur will be incorporated into the stage costumes. The band shouldn't be willing to work with Westphal, whether or not he thinks fur should be used in this project.


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