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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Big Star's Stephens & Stringfellow talk to Rolling Stone, They Run Pic of Dreamy Alex Chilton

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Rolling Stone not only used a picture of Alex Chilton for their interview with his bandmates just like Billboard recently did for their interview with Big Star's Jon Auer. Rolling Stone also chose the same picture that Billboard used. They must really love Alex Chilton and that photo.

I love Alex Chilton's music, and we all know he's going to get the most attention. Still, I wish they had used a picture of the whole band; the article discusses their forthcoming album. I don't think it makes sense to run a picture of Chilton atop an interview with some of his bandsides, and it feels misleading and disrespectful. The headline for the Rolling Stone piece is "Big Star Travel 'Space'" (because the album is called "In Space" and mentions the group, cool). The subheadline: "Chilton, Stephens make power pop thirty years later" leaves me wondering what the other half of the group are "making" while Chilton and Stephens make their power pop. Polka? Metal? Chilton's "rock god" status won't be jeopardized by allowing others to bask in the glow of his halo a bit. I doubt Chilton would mind sharing some of the attention and credit for Big Star; he's never exactly been an attention whore. Especially as long as he isn't the one giving interviews, why show only his picture? *end rant*

I don't think this justifies the photo, but the article does credit Chilton as "the guiding force during the recording sessions, at times favoring a rougher take of a song over a more polished version, as with 'Do You Wanna Make It,'" bassist Ken Stringfellow tells Rolling Stone, "He would hear stuff on an earlier take that made me cringe at first, and then he'd say, 'No, you should listen to this. It doesn't matter -- it's got great energy.'"

"There are fascinating things on the record," according to drummer Jody Stephens. "I don't think there's ever a dull moment. This record has a great sense of humor about it."

The album features "Beatles-influenced melodies, Byrds-like harmonies and loose garage rock" as well as "upbeat disco-funk" on one tune and and a "stirring soul number."

In Space will be released on Sept. 26 in the U.K. and on Sept. 27 in North America. I wait! Impatiently! I think this new Alex Chilton album is gonna be totally awesome, don't you kids?!?!?!?!

mp3:Big Star - Nature Boy


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