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Sunday, August 07, 2005

Sims Videos: Trapped In a Closet Parts 1-5 & Casimir Pulaski Day

showho1234 has made Sims versions of your no-doubt favourite epic, Trapped In A Closet Parts 1-5, as well as a video of Sufjan Stevens' Casimir Pulaski Day (!) and some other videos.

What do you guys think?

showho1234's Sims videos including Trapped In A Closet Parts 1-5 & Casimir Pulaski Day


Blogger metaeducat10n said...

Inevitable that video game technology would actually outpace any custom-virtual-reality-moviemaking solutions. Seen Video Mods?


Trippy. Red vs. Blue was the first time I saw this being applied:


1:52 AM  
Blogger trill42 said...

Thanks for the links... Red vs Blue is hilarious. I had never heard of it before. Only seen New Toys so far but it's awesome. I'll have to watch more...

I hadn't heard of Video Mods either. Watched several of the videos earlier... I like some of them (esp. the Beastie Boys one), but the commercial aspect bothers me. Videos already advertise a song and artist. That feels like enough. If these aren't sort of intended to serve as ads for video games... well, have any of the videos used characters from series that are no longer readily available? (I was going to say I'd feel better if I saw one with Zak McCracken but I googled and see that I can no longer use him as my obscure game reference)

I kind of feel like the video game folks should make the videos, pay the bands royalties, and pay MTV to air them as ads, or stick a bunch of them on a DVD and include it with a print ad in a mag... unrealistic, I know. Still feels like it would be more honest. Actually, MTV loves product placement in general anyway, so in a way maybe this sort of show is just being really, really honest about it!

4:53 PM  

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