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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Filter Mag and Urban Outfitters Announce Benefit Compilation

Filter Magazine and Urban Outfitters, who teamed up earlier this year to produce and sell a double CD to raise funds for tsunami relief, have announced a new benefit compilation. This time, the compilation will benefit the American Red Cross, with funds directed toward their Hurricane Katrina relief efforts. Like the tsunami relief collection, Filter Magazine/Urban Outfitters Hurricane Benefit Compilation is a two-disc set. It will include some previously unreleased tracks, including "Mercy" by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and a Tom Waits and the Kronos Quartet song, "Little Drop of Poison" (a version of the song without the Kronos Quartet was on the Shrek 2 soundtrack). Rare songs, remixes, and some album tracks are also included. Artists contributing songs include Death Cab for Cutie, British Sea Power, Sigur Ros, Calexico, Laura Cantrell, and Of Montreal.

The compilation is expected to be available in mid-October both at Urban Outfitters stores and at their website. Supplies will be limited, as only 10,000 compilations will be sold; Filter and Urban Outfitters say they hope to raise $150,000 for the Red Cross.

The Filter Magazine/Urban Outfitters Hurricane Benefit Compilation track listing:

Disc One:

Little Drop of Poison (previously unreleased) - Tom Waits w/ the Kronos Quartet
Dry Drunk Emperor (previously unreleased) - TV On the Radio
Natural's Not In It (Ladytron remix) - Gang of Four
Be Gone - British Sea Power
Mercy (previously unreleased) - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
Pull the Curtains - Grandaddy
Jealousy Rides With Me (previously unreleased) - Death Cab For Cutie
Blessing In Disguise (previously unreleased) - Tom Vek
Don't Give Up - The Noisettes
A Kiss To Tell - Diamond Nights
Freaky Freedom (previously unreleased) - The Double
Smashing - Giant Drag
Blackout (previously unreleased) - Amusement Parks On Fire
Micro Melodies - The Album Leaf

Disc Two:

Broken Drum (Boards of Canada remix) - Beck
Quattro (Gotan Project remix) - Calexico
Melody (French version) - Blonde Redhead
Hands Are Tied - Hail Social
Wraith Pinned to the Mist and Other Games - Of Montreal
The New American Apathy - Mazarin
Empty Vessel, Half-Full - Joggers
The Salty Seas (previously unreleased) - Devics
It Dawned On Me - Calla
Things That We Do To Each Other (previously unreleased) - Favourite Sons
Monkey (Fog remix) - Low
First Response - Lansing-Dreiden
Hammer and Nails (previously unreleased) - Laura Cantrell
Glosoli - Sigur Ros

mp3s by some of those artists (but not those songs, of course):

mp3:Tom Waits - Barcarolle (from Alice)

mp3:British Sea Power - Please Stand Up (from Open Season)

mp3:Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Still Suspicion Holds You Tight

mp3:Grandaddy - I'm on Standby (from Sumday)

mp3:Death Cab for Cutie - The New Year (from Transatlanticism)

mp3:The Album Leaf - Eastern Glow (from In a Safe Place and Music from the O.C. Mix 2)

mp3:Calexico - Alone Again Or (from the Convict Pool EP, also a single)

mp3:Of Montreal - Friends of Mine (Zombies cover, from If He Is Protecting Our Nation, Who Will Protect Big Oil, Our Children?)

mp3:Low - Transmission (from the Transmission EP)

mp3:Laura Cantrell - Wishful Thinking (from Humming by the Flowered Vine)

mp3:Sigur Ros - Gong Endir (from Takk)


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