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Monday, September 19, 2005

Rock Sound Magazine: September 2005 CD

Rock Sound ("music with attitude" "No, not rap! Is it unclear? Please, don't make us come up with a new slogan! Our website is a year out of date. Just imagine how long it would take us to think of a new slogan. Just take the band stickers and the CD and be happy. Everybody loves stickers!")

I'm not so much about stickers, but I do love a good CD. My expectations were scaled-back for this one, as I thought many of the tracks might be more hard-edged than the music I usually favour. My tastes are reasonably eclectic, though and I figured I would probably like at least a few songs. The intensity of the metal-noise factor varies throughout the CD. Some of it is fairly loud and abrasive; some considerably softer. I liked several tracks, basically a mixture of the loud, the soft, and the cheerful (how did that sneak in there?).

On a side note: The latest issue of Uncut, another UK import, includes a CD called "The Beatles Press Conferences 1964-1966". It was an easy pass for me. Not that dedicated a fan of press conferences, I guess. The issue seems popular, though. If you're a diehard fan of either press conferences and/or the Beatles, you might want to check it out.

Rock Sound September 2005 (Issue 76) Track Listing:

note: Rock Sound's album availability info referred to U.K. availability (which makes sense), and was out of date by the time the issue crossed the pond and reached my hot little hands. I checked the U.K. info for all the albums; they're all now available there. I looked up Amazon.com album info only for the bands I'm posting a track from, and that's the of the disclaimer.

1. Transplants - Not Today (feat. Sen Dog) (from Haunted Cities)
2. mp3:Reuben - Lights Out (from Very Fast Very Dangerous. $17.30 to download it from a Z Shop seller; otherwise unavailable at Amazon.com)
3. Opeth - The Grand Conjuration (Edit) (from Ghost Reveries)
4. Every Time I Die - Champing At the Bit (from Gutter Phenomenon)
5. Torche - Mentor (from the album Torche. I'll flag this as another track I like)
6. The Bled - She Calls Home (from Found in the Flood)
7. Chimaira - Nothing Remains (from Chimaira)
8. Forward Russia! - Thirteen (from the single "Thirteen/Fourteen")
9. October All Over - John Faust (previously unreleased)
10. mp3:27 - Windows And Glass (from Holding On For Brighter Days. Not at the US Amazon; 9.99 pounds at its UK sister store)
11. Criteria - Run Together (from the album When We Break)
12. mp3:My Awesome Compilation - Put Up A Fight (from Actions. $21.49 import at Amazon, new/used copies from third party sellers currently around $16-17)
13. mp3:T. Raumschmiere - A Mess (feat. Quasimodo Jones) (from Blitkrieg Pop, which is available in the U.S.)
14. mp3:The Robocop Kraus - In Fact You're Just Fiction (from They Think They Are The Robocop Kraus. Epitaph released it, but at Amazon, it's currently only available from third-party sellers)
15. mp3:Within Temptation - It's The Fear (from The Silent Force. Amazon has imports of this album from the "popular Dutch melodic/goth metal outfit" for as little as $14.49, new, if you're willing to forego the cover art)


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