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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

New Kate Bush: "King of the Mountain"

Ken Bruce played Kate Bush's new single "King of the Mountain" today. It's the first single from Aerial, which will be released in the UK on Nov. 7 and in North America on Nov. 8. You can check out Ken Bruce's Radio 2 programs online -- Wednesday's show, when he played Kate Bush's song, about 37 minutes into the program, is here. Playlists are available as well, and my gosh what an ecclectic program. Barbra Streisand is essentially the cheese in a Kylie Minogue-Roxy Music sandwich at one point. I suppose your ears (and brain) never quite know what to expect, which... may be a good thing to a certain extent.

I love the Kate Bush song and can't wait to hear the rest of Aerial. Twelve years in between albums. I'll be happy with any number of good songs she gives us. During the Radio 2 show, Ken Bruce says someone asked him about whether he might put "King of the Mountain" on a loop. It will be hard to not overplay it...

mp3:Kate Bush - King of the Mountain (radio rip, from the forthcoming Aerial)


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