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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

New Bloodhound Gang: "Ralph Wiggum" (and Go Team/Thunder-induced stuff)

The Bloodhound Gang's new album is out next Tuesday, Sept. 27 -- apparently both in the U.S. and the U.K., at least according to Amazon.co.uk. Australia is standing strong and not conforming to this Tuesday-album-release thang of which the U.S. is so fond. Their citizens and non-citizens alike (you just have to be in Australia, really) get Hefty Fine a day early. Well... they may be laughing at us, but they're upside down! Also vegemite seems unappetizing, although my feelings are likely affected by not having grown up with it.

I'm hearing a bit too much thunder for comfort... and am slightly concerned about losing power/the Internet, which has happened a bit too often for my liking this year. There should be another post this afternoon, about a well-spent evening at the Nova Express Cafe last Wednesday (yes, I'm late in writing about it, hence my eagerness to scurry, but the thunder calls for a concern-induced post).

You can keep current on what's going on at the Nova at the Nova Express Cafe's Journal -- tomorrow night the Fuxedos have a 10 PM show. Check out the pic. Heh. I like that one bunny, but I don't want to say which one because I don't want to make the other ones feel badly... though I guess I'm saying I just don't give a damn about how "skull guy" feels! Poor skull guy. He's not all skull; he has a heart too. So easy to overlook it... focus on the giant skull, and the flashy tux... nope, not working for me. I still like the bunny. Skull guy is trying too hard. Anyway, the description matters too! Power-permitting, those links will appear again in an actual Nova post this afternoon, and I'll talk more about upcoming events there. I wanted to give an early head's-up about the Fuxedos in case any of you fellow SoCal folks wanted to call the kids and wake the neighbours (trademark, Letterman) and make planz to go see them this Wednesday. (Obviously) I quite liked the Nova and recommend it.

Interesting "fan" quotes from the Fuxedos' website, such as:

"That was...interesting." -- Mother of two from suburban San Carlos, CA

"I don't know what makes you act like that, but you might as well do it here!" -- Chicken John, Odeon Bar


"How come you guys don't have your own show on Comedy Central?" (uncredited)

mp3:The Bloodhound Gang - Ralph Wiggum (from Hefty Fine)

mp3:Go! Team - The Power Is On (from Thunder, Lightning, Strike. This is such an interesting album. It practically crackles with energy and enthusiasm and it feels so creative and confident... I like it a lot. They're like indie rock cheerleaders, not in a Sufjan & co. way, but both are good. I'm curious to see what the next album is like -- how their sound may change)


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