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Monday, April 17, 2006

Damon Albarn Wants One Last Gig With A Reunited Blur

If Damon Albarn has his way, Graham Coxon will rejoin Blur, at least for one gig, that is.

In an interview that seems to track back to Virgin.net and is not sourced elsewhere, Albarn is quoted as saying, "I just think it's a real shame that we've put so much of our lives into it and no one's able to... It would be really nice to do a gig and just have nothing to prove and enjoy playing the old songs and have fun just reliving stuff."

Coxon has said he has no intention of ever playing with Blur again. Albarn is further quoted as saying, "I'm not really criticising anyone. I can appreciate where Graham's coming from." It's a good start anyway. Maybe a card or present next?

Blur - Tender (Cornelius Remix) (B-side to "No Distance Left To Run")

Graham Coxon - Tell It Like It Is (from Love Travels At Illegal Speeds)


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