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Monday, April 10, 2006

Ignore Your Parents. It's Siblings Day!

Today, April 10, is Siblings Day, at least it's Siblings Day in 22 states. The day was designed to "to acknowledge the importance of the relationship among siblings, to express appreciation to our brothers and sisters for the strength and understanding they have brought to our lives, and to remember with love and gratitude those who are no longer with us." Both the brother and sister of Siblings Day founder Claudia A. Evart, died young. It's Evart's goal to have Siblings Day recognized on a national level, much as we recognize Mother's Day and Father's Day, to similarly honor the bond between siblings.

This post is awfully late in the day, but if you're reading it late at night on the 10th, and you are lucky enough to have siblings you can call, I encourage you to go ahead and wake them up to tell them you "cherish, love and appreciate them." Or maybe call tomorrow, but don't blame me if they get mad that you didn't call on Siblings Day. Where was their call? Did some neighbor kid take that too, like your Barbie dolls' heads?

Or you could just send an e-mail.

Not to brag, but my brother never took my Barbie dolls' heads, and has always altogether rocked as a brother and a person. Not that it's a competition... but if it was, I'd be polishing something shiny right about now...

Toad the Wet Sprocket - Brother (from In Light Syrup, etc.)

Rufus Wainwright - Little Sister (from Want Two)

J.J. Cale - Don't Cry Sister (from The Very Best of J.J. Cale, etc.)

Alice in Chains - Brother (live, MTV Unplugged) (from MTV Unplugged)

The Nixons - Sister (from Foma)


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