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Saturday, April 15, 2006

The Lightning Seeds & Stooges Are Back; Co-Headlining Tour Not Anticipated

These are good times for fans of sweet alt-pop and thrashing hard-rock music.

The Lightning Seeds will soon reportedly announce a reunion tour, planned for this summer, including a number of sets at festivals. Official word of the tour is expected sometime this week. Apparently the tour will likely be timed ideally for those who wish to both attend The Lightning Seeds' concert(s) and purchase their best-of album. Not their 1997 best-of album, Like You Do... Best of the Lightning Seeds, mind you. This will be their other Best-Of collection (their second compilation, Life of Riley: The Lightning Seeds Collection, doesn't count as a greatest-hits; that included earlier tracks, and no football/soccer songs were anywhere in sight).

The Lightning Seeds have had at least four songs in the U.K. top 100 since 1997's best-of collection, although two of them were the exact same song, reissued, and an earlier version of it ("Three Lions") was on Like You Do. Nonetheless, this is a best-of collection, and "best" is not synonymous with "best-selling".

Meanwhile, Iggy Pop tells Reuters that he has been in "a little cottage in the boonies on a little river" writing music for a Stooges reunion album, which he thinks will be released in 2007. A Stooges tour is also planned.

Pop said the album will be produced by Steve Albini but a number of songs - referred to by Reuters as "a package of songs" -- will be produced by Jack White. Maybe White will wind up singing or playing on one or more of the songs. Why, that might even lead to him touring with the Stooges. If any of that happens, let's hope someone asks him if the Stooges are a side project for him. I think he would secretly get a kick out of that.

On Monday, April 17, the Florida Chapter of the Recording Academy will honor Pop, along with the Backstreet Boys, singer Ednita Nazario, and producer/engineer Roger Nichols. Pop's name is listed last in the press release, but if they went alphabetically, that's just how it would shake out for the "legendary punk icon". The icon will perform with Sum 41 during the ceremony. What, the Backstreet Boys turned him down?

Asked about writing with his old band again, Pop tells Reuters, "All the same passions and problems are there. But the problems are in a more muted style."

Maybe a co-headlining tour with The Lightning Seeds isn't such an outlandish idea.

The Lightning Seeds - Pure (from Cloudcuckooland)

The Lightning Seeds - Change (from Jollification and the Clueless soundtrack)

The Stooges - Down On The Street (from Funhouse)

Iggy And The Stooges - Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell (from Raw Power)


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