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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Kaiser Chiefs Songs "Leak" Via YouTube Videos

Kaiser Chiefs have been playing three new songs on their current tour. Perhaps inevitably, footage of the blokes performing the tunes has been posted on YouTube.

Fortunately, the band isn't upset. Lead singer Ricky Wilson takes the recordings in stride. He told the Daily Record, "We played three songs which are already on the internet," noting that they were recorded on cellphones. Wilson said, "the clips are there for people to hear, but it won't do us any harm. It's not like people are going to hear it and say 'I don't like that distorted clip so I'm not going to buy the album'." That album is not expected to be available until next year anyway. Plenty of time for people to forget how distorted they remember those new Kaiser Chiefs songs sounding! According to NME, the group hasn't even chosen a producer yet.

The new songs are "Learnt My Lesson Well", "Highroyds", and "Heat Dies Down".

Learnt My Lesson Well Video

Highroyds Video

Heat Dies Down Video


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