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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Andy Partridge Announces 161-Song Box Set

XTC's Andy Partridge is releasing a 9-disc-box-set on his Ape House record label. The Fuzzy Warbles Collectors Album will be released October 16 and includes alternate versions of several XTC songs, as well as once-unfinished songs that Partridge completed for Fuzzy Warbles. Each disc has stamp artwork and the album that holds them all resembles a stamp album. The bonus CD, "Hinges", includes tracks only available with this set. The box set also includes a booklet, "A Brief History of Home Taping" wherein Partridge writes about "his earliest experiences of recording music at home and the excitement of those first recording sessions it all makes fascinating reading, tinged with just a hint of regret as to how the songwriting process has become so bland as recording technology makes things easier and easier." Given his flair for lyrics, it's probably interesting reading, and doesn't just come off as whiny. It even says "tinged".

The Fuzzy Warbles Collectors Album Track Listing:

Volume One:

"Dame Fortune"
"Born Out Of Your Mouth"
"Howlin' Burston"
"Don't Let Us Bug Ya"
"That Wag"
"That Wave"
"Ocean's Daughter"
"Goosey Goosey"
"Merely A Man"
"Summer Hot As This"
"Miniature Sun"
"I Brought Myself A Liarbird"
"Complicated Game"
"Wonder Annual"
"Space Wray"

Volume Two:

"Ridgeway Path"
"I Don't Want To Be Here" (AIDS benefit version)
"Young Marrieds"
"No One Here Available"
"Obscene Procession"
"Miller Time"
"You're The Wish You Are I Had"
"Ra Ra Rehearsal"
"Ra Ra For Rocking Horse"
"Everything'll Be Alright"
"25 O'Clock"
"Chain Of Command"
"All Of A Sudden (It's Too Late)" (available on English Settlement)
"Summers' Cauldron"
"Then She Appeared"
"It's Snowing Angels"
"Ship Trapped In The Ice"

Volume Three:

"My Train Is Coming"
"Goodbye Humanosaurus"
"Humble Daisy"
"You Like Me?"
"Great Fire"
"Mopti Fake 1"
"Mopti Fake 2"
"When We Get To England"
"Train Running Low On Soul Coal"
"Holly Up On Poppy"
"Strawberry Fields Forever"
"Autumn Comes Around"
"Child's Crusade"
"Little Lighthouse"
"This Is The End"
"Put It On Again"

Volume Four:

"The Art Song (Something Good With Your Life)"
"I'm Playing My Fano"
"Zonked Right Out On Life"
"All I Dream Of Is A Friend"
"Peck The Ground Like A Chicken"
"That's Really Super Supergirl"
"Brainiac's Daughter"
"Blue Beret"
"Gangway, Electric Guitar Is Coming Through"
"Mechanical Planet"
"Helicopter" (available on Drums and Wires)
"The Ugly Underneath"
"Where Is Your Heart?"
"Hey, It's Alan Burston!"
"Season Cycle"
"Countdown To Christmas Party Time"

Volume Five:

"Welcome To Volume 5"
"Young Cleopatra"
"I Defy You Gravity"
"Ice Jet Kiss"
"Broomstick Rhythm"
"Earn Enough For Us"
"Dear God" (Skiffle version)
"Motorcycle Landscape"
"Don't You Ever Dare Call Me Chickenhead"
"Mermaid Explanation"
"Mermaid Smiled"
"Aqua Deum"
"Me And The Wind"
"Blue Overall"
"Red Brick Dream"
"Jacob's Ladder"
"My Land Is Burning"

Volume Six:

"Last Laugh Track"
"The Stinking Rich Song"
"Can't Tell What Truth Is Anymore"
"Candle Dance"
"The Tiny Circus Of Life"
"The Man Who Sailed Around His Soul"
"In My Hand"
"Difficult Age"
"Pink Thing"
"Shaking Skin House"
"Bike Ride To The Moon"
"My Love Explodes"
"Across The Antheap" (Skylarking demo)
"Across The Antheap" (Oranges & Lemons demo)
"Human Alchemy"
"Moonlit Drive"
"Price Of Orange"
"End Of The Pier"

Volume Seven:

"2 Rainbeau Melt"
"Thrill Pill"
"Sonic Boom"
"I'm Unbecome"
"Ballet For A Rainy Day" (available on Skylarking)
"1000 Umbrellas"
"Ejac In A Box (MGOO)"
"C Side"
"Seagulls Screaming Kiss Her Kiss Her"
"Visit To The Doctor"
"Cherry In Your Tree"
"Desert Island"
"Scarecrow People"
"Holy Me My Daddy"

"Bobba De Boop De Ba De Boobay"
"Open A Can Of Human Beans"
"Books Are Burning" (available on Nonsuch)
"Through Electric Gardens"
"Skate Dreams Wet Car"
"The Bland Leading The Bland"
"I Gave My Suitcase Away"
"Another Satellite"
"These Voices"
"Song For Wes Long"
"Happy Birthday Karen"
"REM Producer Enquiry"
"The Loving"
"Was A Yes"
"Genie In A Bottle"
"Disque Bleu"
"Poor Skeleton Steps Out"
"I Don't Want To Be Here" (original demo)
"Chalkhills And Children"


"Now We All Dead (It Doesn't Matter)"
"Rain Of Blows" (early version)
"Reign Of Blows"
"Shake You Donkey Up"
"Happy Families"
"Here Comes President Kill Again"
"Beating Of Hearts"


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