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Monday, August 28, 2006

The Word: August Now Hear This CD

The clerk at the bookstore where I bought the August issue of The Word magazine wondered how old Keith Richards is (Richards is featured on the cover). I thought his guess of 120 was a bit high. He almost certainly isn't some kind of living picture of Dorian Gray. It's amazing enough that he's only 62.

The Word declares him "indestructible" because he fell out of a tree a few months ago and escaped with a head injury, rather than death. That doesn't make him immortal though. I mean, he doesn't have superpowers now... does he? The magazine at least believes he's immortal and has chosen to celebrate by writing his obituary. How... sweet? Weird, but sweet, which is perhaps fitting.

I chose to celebrate buying the magazine by listening to its Now Hear This CD as I drove away from the bookstore, and then later posting a few tracks from it.

The Word August 2006 Now Hear This! CD Track Listing:

1. The Pipettes - We Are The Pippettes
2. Mojave 3 - Breaking The Ice (available on Puzzles Like You). Jangly, upbeat love song to a Jenny who is apparently an ice skater
3. Cat Power - Lived In Bars
4. Paul Weller - Paper Smile (Live)
5. The Divine Comedy - A Lady Of A Certain Age
6. The Sleepy Jackson - You Need More
7. Alejandro Escovedo - Dear Head On The Wall
8. Stuart A. Staples - Which Way The Wind
9. Jets Overhead - Seems So Far (available on Bridges) Slow, moody, and inviting. The group's music is even available through a voluntary-purchase-of-free-downloads policy. Their songs are available for free download, with suggested per track and per LP and EP payments accepted through PayPal for those who wish to pay. Jets Overhead's label, Microgroove Records "believes that new systems for distributing music should be driven by the public rather than by existing paradigms which no longer apply to the digital world... the record business needs to adapt as soon as possible to a changed world. Until this happens, we are happy to give away music." Excellent policy and more labels should implement similar voluntary-payment plans.
10. Tilly & The Wall - Reckless
11. Jon Dee Graham - Something Very Wonderful (available on Full) Not a fan of very raspy voices, and the lyrics here are a bit too redundant but it's a nicely peppy, reassuring tune.
12. Flamin' Groovies - Absolutely Sweet Marie
13. Cortney Tidwell - La La
14. Ron Sexsmith - Never Give Up (available on Time Being) Smooth vocals, sweet lyrics... pretty straightforward mainstream mushville, really. But it's quality mainstream mush.
15. Pretz - Goodbye Ferrers


Blogger Bill said...

Stuart A. Staples is playing at St. Ann's Warehouse in Brooklyn on Nov 4. Tickets are $35, but with code S7W you save $5. www.stannswarehouse.org is the venue website and tickets are avaialble at www.ticketweb.com - should be a great concert!

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