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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Pinback Gives Old Songs "Different Looks", Compiles Them

On September 5th, Pinback will release a Nautical Antiques, a rarities and B-sides compilation. The group's Zach Smith explains to Billboard.com that a lot of the songs are out of print, and the guys "wanted to make them easier for people to get who collect these sorts of things". But, wait! There's more. Smith says, "Also, there are some different looks on some of the same songs that are already out there." Giving songs a different look must be got to be a big selling point, right? Perhaps it's a hint that the disc will be several different wacky colors. My money's on orange being worked in there somewhere.

The group is currently recording a new album, which will presumably contain new songs with new looks and possibly new sounds as well. It's due out next year from Touch & Go; Pinback will play at Touch & Go's 25th Anniversary Party ("25 bands in 2.5 days"). Their set is September 10th at 8:00 PM. Tickets are on sale now .

Nautical Antiques Track Listing:

"Water Run"
Seville (available on Blue Screen Life)
"Concrete Seconds" (demo)
"Avignon" (full band version)
"Messenger" (full band version)


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