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Monday, July 02, 2007

Exit: pursued by a bear... Don't Run, Listen

Cork-based Exit: pursued by a bear claims their roots lie in "a series of uncomfortable silences and lulls in conversation". Inspired by assorted "handsome radicals", the band began making music 4 years ago. Their smooth, stylish songs often delve into religious and philisophical issues, and with a raw intensity, intelligence, and beauty likely to spark more than a few conversations.

In "Bright Stars", a doctor (with help from Tadhg Hickey's honey-dipped vocals) muses on his patients, who are very ill. One man has two swollen heads, and two "faces that seem as ugly as each other." The description seems rather harsh. Then we're told: "Darkness floats their souls...The ugliest most beautiful"... Plus, there's a twist ending [spoiler alert]: "I see them burning brighter than.../you burn for me..." Don't be put off by the man with two ugly faces and swollen heads, "Bright Stars" is a beautiful, clever song, and not at all overblown.

Although the band explores spiritual and philosophical issues in many of their songs, they do have a lighter side, which makes sense. They take their name from a stage direction in The Winter's Tale, wherein a clown arrives shortly after said bear's pursuit.

The band consists of: Tadhg Hickey (vocals), Phil Lambert (drums), Brian Lane (bass, guitar, programming), Paul O'Driscoll (guitar, keyboard, programming, vocals), and Eoin O'Sullivan (guitar, programming, vocals).

However, as they are not stuffy intellectuals, the bandmates also go by "bear" nicknames, like "Stern Bear" and "Baby [cynical] Bear" (Lane and O'Sullivan). They're like the Spice Girls' nicknames, except they don't stick with just one nickname each. They keep changing them.

The collective bears' first digital single, the bouncy "The Wine She Drinks", recently made it to #2 on the Irish iTunes electronic music chart and #3 on their download chart.

The single is available at many digital music stores, as is their Procession EP, which can also be found in some Irish record stores (and hopefully will soon have more widespread availability.) Lots of free MP3s are also available at the band's website.

Exit: pursued by a bear is playing a small number of shows this summer, but is mostly concentrating on recording more songs.

Exit: pursued by a bear's Upcoming Shows:

August 5 - Mitchelstown, Cork, Ireland - Indie-pendence Music Festival (3:00 PM)

All gigs at Indie-pendence are free. Other artists in the line-up include Delorentos, DJ/singer Miss Motif, Noise Control (who offer several free MP3s on their website), and two bands who were shortlisted for last year's Choice Music Prize: Director (for We Thrive on Big Cities) and Republic of Loose (for Aaagh!).

Aug 11 - Carlow, Poland - Underground Bar (8:00 PM)

Exit: pursued by a bear - Bright Stars (on the Procession EP)

Exit: pursued by a bear - Gentle Lies (on the Run for the Forest EP)


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