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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Irish Kidic Won't Be "Strangers" For Long

Irish alt-rockers Kidic first joined musical forces as Kid Icarus, lifting their name from a Nintendo game. As Kid Icarus, they made music as energetic as their current songs, but not quite as heartfelt, or developed. The songs were also less rock-oriented and more electronic.

Morgan Brickley (vocals and guitar), Mark Green (guitar), Colin Meagle (bass and vocals), and Jonathon Lundberg (drums) met as Dublin City University students and played college gigs for a few years. A pair of their songs ("Jesus 2000" and "Shake's Baby") brought them some notice beyond the college-gig scene, with "Shake's Baby" charting on mp3.com.

At some point, having decided their music had "matured and changed direction", the men felt it was time to change their boyz-like name. The group released their first Kidic single, "Holding Doors for Strangers" in Ireland, on May 18th. It's extremely catchy, will inspire people to pick up a guitar to learn to play those lines, and is the sort of quality alt-rock that feels made to chart, which it has, debuting at #26 on the Irish singles charts. Now to await their signing/touring elsewhere... The video would help with that, if the music itself doesn't do the trick. I think their signing in other countries is almost inevitable.

Kidic's second single, "Rhetoric" (which I'm also very keen on), will be released July 13th. The band today said they're currently recording a third single. An album is planned for early 2008.

The video for "Holding Doors for Strangers":

Kidic's Upcoming Shows:

July 13 - Dublin - Crawdaddy
August 11 - Bundoran Donegal - Sufrock
September 29 - Bundoran Donegal - Ocean Fest (with The Frank and Waters)


Blogger Pete2ndBest said...

Oh, this is very good! The drums are really nice and the chorus is really catchy!

1:11 AM  
Blogger trill42 said...

Glad you like it! I absolutely agree, and am looking forward to hearing more from Kidic.

7:10 PM  

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