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Saturday, June 07, 2008

Moto boy - "What it Was Like to Be With You", Bowie, Blondie, Dusty Covers

To commemorate the first anniversary of his first single, "Blue motorbike", Moto boy is giving away a new single, "What it was like to be with you". The artist otherwise known as Oskar Humlebo has recorded a lush swirl of post-breakup despair with lyrics that strike a nicely melodramatic note:

"If I wake up tomorrow
I'll paint the city in white and bloody red
Maybe then can I remember
What it was like to
What it was like to be with you"

In the video, Moto boy mournfully sings to a woman as though she's the's the only one in the crowd... which she practically is, and will be if he continues ignoring everyone else (this is supposed to convey to us that he digs her. She looks receptive, and is dressed as a mime. This is to tell us that communication difficulties led to the breakdown of their relationship and that if someone really loves a woman, they will still be attracted to her after seeing her dressed as a mime.) Also, some random people make out (message: making out is awesome), a random woman holds a glass of wine and looks sad (drinking isn't awesome), and a woman, uh, dances around wearing a mask (because... hiding behind emotional "masks" merely "dances" around the truth...which is...that making out is awesome, and breaking up keeps people—people like Moto boy—from making out.)

Moto boy - What It Was Like To Be With You (free single, also on his self-titled album, released earlier this year)

Three more free MP3s are available at his label's website (and, if you're so inclined, check out the downloads page at Songs I wish I had written for more music.)

At present, he's busy on a European tour. When he has some free time, I hope Moto boy follows in Adem's footsteps and releases an album covering songs that inspired him growing up. The idea seems well-suited to Moto boy partly because his own music is steeped in elements of rock's past, and partly because he's already teased us in concert with some amazing covers.

In Malmö, Sweden this March, he sang a stellar "Space Oddity" at a David Bowie tribute concert. Fortunately, someone captured a video of the performance:

Another song Moto boy might include on a covers album: "Heart of Glass":

He often sings "You Don't Have to Say You Love Me" in concert; it's just a matter of time before that one's committed to disc. For now, it's just trapped in a sea of cellphones for our YouTube'd enjoyment:

Adem's covers album concept is such a good one, and Moto boy's covers display such talent and range that the idea of a similar record from him seems particularly intriguing. I know, I know. Isn't it a bit greedy to present "suggestions" for an entire album after the bloke has just given us a free single? Yes. Yes, it probably is.

So, hey, for those who haven't heard the song yet, here's the video for "Hotellounge", Adem's first single from Takes, and a dEUS cover:


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