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Sunday, July 24, 2005

Former Doors Members Barred From Using Doors Name

Former Doors drummer John Densmoore has won a permanent injunction preventing his former bandmates from using the "Doors" name while touring with a revamped version of the group.

Since 2003, former Doors members Ray Manzarek (keyboards) and Robby Krieger (guitar) have been touring with former Cult singer Ian Astbury as The Doors of the 21st Century. They can now no longer use the name, and have been ordered to turn over all the profits made using it to be shared by the original Doors partnership, with Morrison's share going to his estate.

After Doors singer Jim Morrison died, the surviving bandmates agreed that they each must sign off on any use of the Doors name and logo.

Densmore told Reuters, "They're playing Doors songs and calling themselves the Doors of the 21st Century. I kinda think it's the 19th century, it's looking back."

In early 2003, Morrison's parents, the parents of Morrison's late common-law wife, and Densmore sued Manzarek and Krieger, accusing them of having "maliciously misappropriated" the Doors name and logo, and having used Morrison's image and poetry without permission.

The complaint also suggests that their sound doesn't exactly match up to that of the original Doors, as they "attempted to play songs written and made popular by the original Doors band in a manner which attempts to copy the original distinctive sound of The Doors."

"I'm very pleased that, in my opinion, the legacy is preserved," Densmore told Reuters. "I never intended for Ray and Robby to stop playing -- they're great musicians. I hope Doors fans keep going to see them -- it's just the name is owned by me and them and the estate of Jim Morrison, and they kinda ran off with stolen property." He estimates that the Doors of the 21st Century have made more money than the original band ever did. No comment yet from Manzarek or Krieger.

These days Densmore plays original music with his own band Tribal Jazz, which has "an eclectic jazz sound blending World and African rhythms."

If only INXS -- at any point! -- had made an agreement like the one made by the surviving Doors bandmates.

Headline watch: Variety has a "Doors slam shut" headline. Jam! opted for "Ray Manzarek opening new Doors", which doesn't really make sense. Also spotted: "The Doors are closed" and "Door closed on 60s' rockers." I prefer the latter, though I'm not wild about that apostrophe. Still... no "Judge tells Doors the Music's Over"? C'mon, people, if you're going to get creative, let's dip into the lyrics. (Preferably, with a better effort than that one, but I guess I don't know that a story like this needs a "wacky" headline).

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